Generation Why Visited Canton Students

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On Wednesday, January 8, group speakers, Generation Why, came to speak and perform at Canton junior high and high school.

Generation Why is a nonprofit organization. They go all over the country speaking to students about motivation and individuality.. There are a total of ten people who are a part of Generation Why. Their major message was “Just be you, because nobody else can.”

Generation Why interacted with teachers and students by having them participate in a dance battle, guessing games, and singing along to the music.

“I think that Generation Why was inspirational to the students because they related to us,” Alexi Cuevas, freshman, said.

STUCO and FCCLA hosted Generation Why. STUCO officers saw Generation Why at STUCO state convention and invited them to come to Canton to share their stories.

At the end of the assembly, students were allowed to take pictures and talk one on one with Generation Why.