Five Things To Do Before You Graduate

Graduation cap clip art.

Graduation cap clip art.

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High school plays a major part in everyone’s lives, and how they decide to push through it is their choice. Sometimes though, the same old high school activities need a little spicing up. So, here is a list to help liven up your mundane high school life.

1. Be the mascot.

There is no better way to share school spirit like being the Canton Tiger mascot. It is such a blast to be stuffy, sweaty, and make a fool out of yourself in front of the whole school. Not to mention, the best time in anyone’s life is being stuffed in an oversized tiger costume.  

2. Convince everyone not to show up to school

Everyone needs a day off every now and then, and holiday breaks are few and far between. Why not just convince everyone to skip a day? If no one shows up, then the teachers should not be able to count anyone absent.

3. Have a flash mob.

What better way could you blow off a class than with a flash mob? Just get some good music playing and get people to start dancing. The teachers will not be able to get you in trouble, because they will be too mesmerized by the show to want to stop the fun.

4. Start a chant.

Anytime is a good time to have a mob of people chanting. There can’t be a chant without someone to start one however. Start a chant and have tons of teenagers yelling back at you!

5. Have a food fight.

The only thing better than yelling teenagers is having them throw food at each other. What else are you going to do with school food, eat it? Not only does it give the food some actual use, it provides a little bit of joy to the growing lives of people in the same, cramped, building.