Fuqua Honored as State History

It feels great to win this award but the project would not be nearly as good without the rest of my group. They deserve this award just as much if not more than I do.

— Beau Fuqua

On Friday, April 26 Canton sophomore Beau Fuqua was awarded the Oklahoma Historical Society’s Joseph B. Thoburn historian of the year award. He was awarded this for the history day performance that he did last year with group members Charlie Moldrup, Jenny Delgado, Roxanne Linder, and Garrett Nippert.

The performance was over the Vietnam War told through the voices of some locals. The project won first at districts and at state but came in fourth in their room at nationals. Beau’s favorite part about the project was talking to the veterans.

It was my favorite and best performance so far

— Beau Fuqua