Equality or Unfair Advantages?

Over the summer the state of Connecticut decided that if a person wishes to identify as the opposite gender, they may compete in athletic events for the gender with which they identify. 

 “I think it’s stupid. They have a boys’ basketball and a girls’ basketball team for a reason,” Arianna Green, basketball player, said. 

This brings many new problems, for both males and females. Now, if a female would like to compete in a men’s wrestling match she may. While wrestlers compete by weight class, the physical advantage might not be extreme,  but it could make it awkward for the male and female competing against each other. 

Likewise, in some women’s sports, male athletes could have a distinct advantage through size and strength. This advantage could greatly change the balance of a team, giving and unfair balance in sports such as basketball and softball.

“I would not play that sport because I think it’s weird they’d be able to play with us,” Caden Koehn, football player, said. 

Beyond the competitive advantages that competing as the other gender can offer, schools will also have to deal with providing locker rooms and other facilities to accommodate for these athletes.