Learning Online

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After their successful pilot program at the end of the last school year, Canton Schools has started using Chromebooks.

There were 242 Chrome Devices issued this year, and most of them were working within two days.

The use of Chromebooks will decrease the consumption of paper in the school. It will also help to reduce the number of books that students have to carry around in their bags.

The Chromebooks include features so that students can do homework online and don’t need to turn in a piece of paper every day. This will also allow students who are absent to find and complete their assignments and communicate with their teachers. Instead of being behind when they come back to school, students could start their assignment and not be behind when they return.

Students and teachers are learning both Chromebook functions as well as Google Classroom features together. According to junior, Jessie Grayson, “They can be confusing, but they are also really helpful.”  

Students and teachers look forward to finding newer and better ways to learn as the year progresses.