FCCLA Holds Annual Food Drive

 The Canton FCCLA is holding its annual food drive, November 16-20. Every day has different rewards for students if they bring two canned or boxed items. It is part of the FCCLA national project, “No Kids Hungry.” 

On Monday, students who bring two food items will receive a popsicle at lunch.

Tuesday, if students bring two food items, they will receive five bonus points from the teacher of their choice. 

Students get a candy bar at lunch on Wednesday if they bring two items.

Thursday, students are allowed to wear a hoodie/hat for the day if they bring two food items.

On Friday, students who bring three canned or boxed items and receive ten bonus points from the teacher of their choice.

If students participate in all five days then they will receive two slices of pizza at lunch on Wednesday, December 2.

The teachers who are giving out bonus points are Mrs. Haub, Mrs. Thompson, 

Mrs. Bromlow, Mrs. Castillo, Mr. Mesis, Mrs. Barney (freshman only), 

Mr. Barney, Mr. Mitchell, Mrs. Dowell, Mrs.Clark, Mrs. Schiska, Mr. Rich, Mrs. Heath, Mr. Hampton, Mr. Baldwin, and Mrs. Sanderson.

Students cannot use the same teacher for both days of bonus points.

“At this time in our economy when people are hurting, others have the opportunity to help. With our food drive plan of students bringing food items daily, they are able to pick and choose days or to participate all week based upon what they feel they can do.” Mrs. Haub, FACS teacher, said.

The most needed items are canned meat, canned vegetables, canned fruit, peanut butter, beans, rice, box meals, soup, chili, macaroni and cheese, whole-grain cereal, reduced-fat whole-grain crackers, powder or flaked potatoes, canned white or sweet potatoes, brown or wild rice, powdered milk, and trans fat tortillas.