Matt Schieffer Excited to Come to Canton

Matt Schieffer, newcomer to Canton, makes a great first impression. Schieffer gets to fulfill his dream everyday as a job. Schieffer enjoys helping students see their progress in not only school subjects, but also in the weight room. Not only is Schieffer an addition to our coaching staff, but also an addition to our teaching staff. On top of all this, he is also our new STUCO representative. 

“I’ve always thought of myself exclusively as a teacher; I just happen to teach football and how to lift weights. I love teaching sports because it allows my students to see real recognizable growth in their subject. Being there the first time an athlete moves a weight they previously thought impossible, seeing one of my student council kids flourish and have an unimaginary good time at BASIC, just watching my kids succeed in general…I can’t believe I get paid to do this.” Schieffer, math teacher, said.

It seems that school never stops once you leave high school. After graduating in ‘04 from Perry High School, Schieffer left to continue his studies at Oklahoma State University where he graduated with his bachelors in English Literature. After his graduation he sought out a job in education, where he ended up at Pioneer for four years, Guthrie last year, and for his sixth year Canton. While at Canton he doesn’t have a specific thing he is looking to learn but he believes that learning never stops.

“Nothing specific but one should never stop learning. Opportunities for growth are everywhere; the trick is having your eyes and ears open to recognize when you come across them and the wisdom and patience to apply them after.” Schieffer said. 

While always wanting to be a teacher one can only imagine the difficulty, but Schieffer makes it seem like a breeze. He wants to help all students find a passion they enjoy and continue to embrace their dreams. For many students he might be the one person who inspires them to fulfill their dreams and embrace who they are. That would make Schieffer beyond happy. 

“I hope they find a passion for something they can chase in life. Education’s goal should be helping student’s find what they’re passionate about, then once they find that passion they know how to explore it further because we’ve given them the tools to do so.” Schieffer, math teacher, said.

Being an assistant football coach at a school that lives for games is hard, but also rewarding. However there is stress that comes with this position, but Schieffer knows he was blessed with the opportunity  to come to Canton, and according to Schieffer he isn’t the only one who is blessed. Schieffer not only is bringing something to the academic table but also the athletic table. Many athletes will be blessed with his wisdom and assistance. 

“The athletes here are blessed with the gift of self-motivation and don’t shy away from hard work. You could conquer the world with people willing to put in effort and we have that here in abundance. I’m lucky to have the opportunity to work with people like that.” Schieffer said.