Bald and Bearded

February 5, 1968, in Okeene, Oklahoma, Bob and Louise Barney had a child. This child would grow up to become an English teacher at Canton High School.  

Robert Kyle Barney grew up in Canton, OK, the son of a reading teacher and an ag teacher. He went to college at Oklahoma State University upon his graduation from Canton High School in 1986. From there, he went on to manage ranches in Mississippi, Kansas, and Louisiana.

He returned from managing ranches out of state and went back to school at SWOSU where he received a BA in English and a minor in journalism. This is where he met his wife of 23 years. They were married three months after they met. “I would be a pretty lost duck without her,” Barney said.

Other than teaching, he also raises Maine-Anjou cattle to sell for show. He also clips cattle for show and sale.

Both of his sons, Stetson, 28, and Clint, 22, showed cattle.  He believes that stock shows teach kids work ethic, responsibility, and how to win and lose.

When Mr. Barney was 20, he grew a mustache and has kept it ever since, and about four years ago he gave up on taking care of his hair and decided to start shaving it off. He has been bald ever since, which is one of his most recognizable traits.