Not So Simple Life of a Showpig


I’m still new to the world and these things that walk on two legs are making me run around and keep my head up for some weird flashing thing. Then they put me back with my mom and siblings like nothing happened. My life is very simple. All I do is drink milk, sleep, and just stay out of my mom’s way when she is trying to lay down.

Today the thing that walks on two legs grabbed my brothers, sisters, and me, and took us away from our mom. They had some weird tools. There was one that took out pieces of our ears. I got lucky, and only had one in each ear, but some of us weren’t so lucky and got one in one ear and four in the other. Another one of the tools they had cut off the end of our tails. The tool was so hot that it burned our tails so they didn’t bleed. Then there was another that they poked us with and put some liquid into us. They did this part twice. I was even starting to trust the two-legged beings before this.

My life is getting more stressful because they took me and my siblings away from our mom. I have to eat some weird harder stuff. The only way we know that it is for eating is because it is in the same type of bowl as the one our mom ate out of. It’s always there, and we haven’t quite figured out how to eat this stuff yet. There is some of this other stuff we can’t really see, but we can feel it. It is similar to the milk but it is clear.

Some of my brothers are starting to be taken away by the two-legged beings, and they are not coming back. There were nine of us before they started to take us away from each other, and then they took me away too. They put me in this big machine that moved really fast. When it stopped moving, I saw one of the things give the other some weird green stuff, then he came and grabbed me and put me with another pig I had never seen before. We are close to the same size, but I am a little bigger.

My new “friend” I am now with is trying to fight me for the food, but since I am stronger, I just push him away and keep eating, so he has to wait until I am done. There is a new two-legged being who is feeding us now instead of the one that I was with while I was with my mom. This one is different though. This one acts like it wants to be friends, and it isn’t as big either. It gets in my pen and scratches us on our bellies, and that feels really good. It also gets me out of my pen and takes me to the grass, tapping me with this stick to make me turn and keep my head up. He doesn’t hit me very hard at all, so I do what he wants me to.

I was just starting to get used to this place when they loaded me up and took me to a new place. This place has a lot of other pigs. They put me in this tight little area to see how much I weighed. Then they walked me into this weird area where they sprayed really cold water on me. They put soap on me and scrubbed every spec of dirt off of me. I have to admit, this whole “clean thing” felt really good.  When they got finished, they took me back to my pen, cut my hair, then left.

When they came back the next day, they did the same thing again, like once wasn’t enough, then they just sat around feeding me until I couldn’t eat anymore. Then this really loud voice came over the speaker saying, “First call, class one, Berkshire gilts,” then second call, and then last call and this kept happening. Then they called for one that meant something to my owner.

He got me up and walked me over to this strange area where other pigs that were about the same size and colors as me were. There were a lot of them, and we just walked around this pen together while our owners kept staring at some guy. The guy just pointed at me, and my owner got really happy. He left me and walked over to the guy and shook his hand, and then we left. That was not all though, because we had to come back later and walk around with pigs that were not the same size, but where similar colors. While we were walking, it happened again. The guy pointed at my owner, and he got really happy again before we left. When I went back the next time, the guy didn’t point at us. He pointed at a different guy who then got really happy, shook his hand, and left. I kept walking around, and some pig replaced the one that left along with its owner. Then it happened again. He pointed at me, and my owner walked over shook his hand and left.

When my owner got me out again I thought we were going back to the same place,  but this time he put me in a trailer and we went back home. Everything kept going just like normal, like that thing, those odd days away from home never happened, until about a month later when it happened again. We did the same thing, then went home for a little while and it happened again. It was a different place every time, and I was feeling like quite the world traveler. Then it just stopped. We went home after one really big show,  and after that, I didn’t go to another show. I just stayed at home and ate and slept.