PUBG Master Race


It is you versus 99 others jumping from a plane trying to decide where to land. On Erangel you could land at School, Shooting Range, Pochinki, Georgopol, Military Base, or many others. You could also get Miramar where you could land El Pozo, Las Leones, Water Treatment, Power Grid, Pecado, San Martin, Impala, or many others, not to mention the new map that is still in development called Savage. When you land, the objective is to find a gun as soon as possible so that you do not have to fist fight someone and risk being one-shot by a superman punch. (player jumps into the air and punching another player in the head doing enough damage to kill a player with one hit).

Erangel is a forested island. It is also the original map that came to the game. Miramar is a desert island with many hills and open areas, so unless you are a really good aim, the most challenging part of this map is keeping behind cover so that you have a place to heal. In the newest map, Savage, instead of the 8 km x 8 km like the other maps, it is a 4 km x4 km island. This helps make games quicker and have more action-packed rounds. PUBG has so many maps and still counting, while Fortnite only has one map.

Players in Fortnite can buy emotes, harvesting tools, gliders, outfits, and a battle pass. In PUBG players get default emotes, and there’s only one parachute, but players can buy clothes. One of the more popular items in the game is the miniskirt. If you can get a skirt from a loot box that you buy with in-game currencies, you could sell it for up to 400 dollars.

I think that PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battleground) is better than Fortnite because PUBG provides a more realistic game experience. If I am running through a field and strategically thinking about what cover I could get to the fastest and someone starts shooting at me, I can hide behind a rock and it is an even battle. In Fortnite, if you hide behind a rock for five shots,  the rock disappears leaving you with no cover. At that point, your only option for cover is to build.

The shooting mechanics in Fortnite are very unique. The bullet patterns are not predictable. Even if you put your crosshairs right on someone, you will not always hit them because the bullets do not always go straight to where you are aiming. The recoil in Fortnite is barely existent, and it also compensates for the recoil itself. You can only ADS (Aim Down Sights) with the sniper or scoped assault rifle in Fortnite, making long-range battles more aim reliant on skill instead of RNG (Random Number Generator).

The shooting mechanics in PUBG are realistic. If you are aiming somewhere in PUBG, that is where the bullets go. The only exception to this rule is bullet drop. PUGB allows players to ADS with every gun. PUBG also allows the skill to be shown more because you have to compensate for the weapon’s recoil yourself. If you get into a fight and just shoot and do not pull your mouse down, the recoil of the weapon will cause you not to be shooting anywhere near the person.

While Fortnite’s game designers EPIC Games comes out with new content, so does PUBG’s game designers Bluehole. The most recent new weapon that has been added was the AUG which you can only get from airdrops, and the newest feature was weapon skins. They are also working on a new game mode called war mode where 100 players are dropped in a 1 km x 1 km circle and the goal is to be the first team with 200 kills. Once you die you will respawn from falling from the plane.

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