Tigers Victorious With A Shutout


Caden Koehn, Reporter

On Thursday, August 30, The Tigers traveled to Geary to play the second game of their season. After the usual warm ups, the team went to the locker room to pray before the game. After praying, the team returned to the field to receive the opening kickoff.

The Tigers started off their drive by scoring within a few plays. While the Tigers were on defense, they stopped any attempt Geary made to score a touchdown. With 25 seconds before the half was over the Tigers tried to score one more time, but the Tigers were not able to, because the ball was intercepted on a pass play. The Tigers defended Geary from making a touchdown, and the first half was over. The score at the end of the first half was Canton 20 and Geary 0.

Geary received the ball to start off the third quarter. Geary tried to punch the ball into the endzone, but they were not successful. The Tigers scored more points, and stopped Geary from making any. The score at the end of the game was Canton 34 and Geary 0.

After the game both teams met in the middle of the field and prayed together.