How to Avoid Getting Homework


Many teachers give homework it does not matter what subject they teach, and most kids do not like homework so here are five tips for students to prevent homework.

  1. Pay attention. Something as simple as just paying attention can completely change a teachers mood. If a student is not paying attention, then more than likely they are not learning the content that the teacher is teaching. If a student will not learn subject matter while the teacher is teaching, then she can give the student homework and they will learn it that way or get a zero.
  2. Know the teacher. If students can get the teacher talking about something he really is passionate about, then that teacher could talk about that subject all hour which means that students won’t have homework because they do not have any clue about the content. While this tip is effective, it is also risky because if the teacher realizes what the student is doing, it could make the teacher angry and cause him to give more homework than he normally would have.
  3. Use all the time that the teacher provides. Many teachers will give students time to work on the assignment in class and whatever does not get done is homework. It seems like a stupid tip but very often when the teacher gives students time to work on it, they just talk or play on their Chromebook.
  4. Fake it til you make it. Just because a student does not understand does not mean that he should make it obvious. He should just play along. The thought of the student knowing what the material is about makes the teacher less likely to give homework.
  5. Ask lots of question Asking questions shows interest. Interest in the material makes the teacher happier and the better mood that the teacher is in,  the more likely they are to not give homework because they know students hate it.