Students and Teachers Share Their Summer Plans

As the 2018/2019 school year draws to an end students and teachers are impatiently waiting for summer to begin. Summertime is a break from school, the perfect time to do projects, go on vacation, relax, or get a job.

Canton students and teachers have a wide variety of plans.

“I am going to Colorado, camping, and going to the lake a lot,” Kylie Nix, freshman said.

“Going outside, camping, riding dirt bikes and four-wheelers,” Haleigh Sutton, seventh grader, said.

“I am working with All-Stars, going to Colorado and Texas to see my grandkids, and going to celebrate my 40th anniversary,” Mrs. Haub, FACS teacher, said.

“I am going to an anime convention with my friends,” Devon Reilly, seventh grader, said.

“I plan to forget about school,” Alyssa Rutz, freshman, said.

“Go to the lake and swim, go on vacation, and just have fun,” Madison Rauh, freshman, said.

“Work as a lifeguard at the pool and go to the lake,” Kalissa Wile, junior, said.

“I am going to Wyoming and maybe California,” Abby Smith, sophomore, said.

“I am working and visiting my family,” Marcus Sankey, sophomore, said.

“I am going to Seattle, Washington, and Florida. I am also remodeling my house DIY style,” Mrs. Keefer, science teacher, said.

There are only nine days left of school.