Child’s Play Review

Child’s Play is a classic film that has been remade in 2019. The Chucky doll was remade as a fully electronic companion, who can control anything that is made by Kaslan Corporation.

The film starts off in Vietnam as workers are programing the Buddi doll. One worker is dozing off and his supervisor fires him. The worker then disables all of the safety features on one Buddi doll right before he jumps out the window, taking his own life. 

Karen Barclay, Andy Barclay’s mom, gets the malfunctioning Buddi doll for Andy’s birthday. The doll calls itself Chucky, and tells Andy that he will be his best friend forever. 

The Chucky doll in the original film was hooked on taking over Andy’s body, but the new Chucky doll just wants to protect Andy from everything, even if it means murdering people. At the end of the movie, Chucky follows Andy and his mom to a shopping mall where he starts a killing spree to make Andy be his friend again.

The movie was an attention grabber, although it wasn’t the same plot as the original movie. The use of modern technology made the movie creepy, because anything electronic could eventually malfunction and do harm to anything. 

The Chucky doll was the only change that many people hated, feeling that the doll looks stupid. Go ahead, Google the new Chucky doll. The doll should have been created to look like the original doll, but they decided to butcher him instead. The movie was four out of five stars.