Party in November

November is the perfect time to gain some weight and vegetate, not throw a Halloween party. My older sister, Justice, threw a party for herself and her friends on November 2. Justice was nice enough to invite me so I wouldn’t sit at home and rot. She also invited my friend Deuce so I wouldn’t be the only kid my age there. The party was held at the Canton Community Center and was an overnight party. The first thing we did was start decorating with fake spiderwebs and caution tape. 

Justice’s friends brought snacks and drinks We put the drinks and ice in an inflatable pumpkin cooler. Later we found out that the cooler had a hole in it, so all the melted ice got inside the walls of the pumpkin. It took a long time to blow up the pumpkin and having it be all for nothing made me an unhappy person. 

The second thing we did was play Cards Against Humanity for about an hour. When it was around one in the morning, we decided to watch Don’t Breathe. My sister and her friends started to go to sleep on the cold, hard cement floor because they didn’t bring air mattresses. 

Deuce and I stayed up watching movies until around three in the morning. I went to bed and woke up every hour because the room was cold and the floor hurt my spine. At seven in the morning, I decided to stay awake because the sun was shining through the windows. 

I proceed to watch more movies until everyone started to wake up around 9. My sister drove us to the store, and we all got breakfast. Everyone started to go home at noon because they had things to do. 

Other than the fact that my sister should have brought more air mattresses, the party was really fun considering we were all sugar-loaded and hyper. I will never sleep on a cement floor ever again because my back still hurts.