Death Park

Death Park is a game on Steam and on most mobile devices. The game starts as a playable character, a little boy, wakes up in his room. The game gives the direction to hide under the bed. When the character hides under the bed, a cut scene plays. The cut scene shows clown shoes walking around the room as if looking for something. The character then gets up from under the bed and leaves the room. The whole scene changes to a huge circus area with rides and clues on how to get into buildings. The player has to find clues about what happened while avoiding being caught by the clown. I would give a spoiler warning, but in the game itself, it explains the clown and circus is a hallucination caused by government drug testing.

If the player loses all his/her lives, the game shows the boy waking up in the hospital. The heart monitors the boy is hooked to slowly beeps until it stops altogether. If the character manages to kill the clown, the boy wakes up in his bed safe and sound. If the player gets out of the game without killing the clown, the character wakes up in a padded room. The character looks left and right and sees the clown sitting right next to him. The end screen shows up after the clown mauls the character. 

The game has several different difficulty modes to play on including ghost mode. Ghost mode allows the player to walk around without the clown attacking, but some of the gameplay is lost. Nothing feels better than playing the game and finally winning. 

The graphics of the game are amazing for being playable on a phone. Unlike most mobile games, the player gets to see what the character looks like. The puzzles are easy to figure out. Running away from the clown is probably the hardest part of the whole game.