A Juggalette’s Burning Hate


The time is here boys and girls! My part 2 of my juggalo article, the last juggalo article was why I love being a juggalette. Part 2 is why I am less than happy with my juggalo family. 

My first problem with juggalos is that they don’t bathe. I’m being serious, look up videos on the gathering of the juggalos. You will be disgusted to see that you can practically smell them through the screen. I have no idea why they started this trend, but they did. The older videos show clean and hygienic juggalos, but the newest videos show dirty, sweat ridden juggalos. 

The new generations of juggalos lit the place where they host the gathering on fire. Yeah, that’s right, they lit anything and everything on fire for a “cleansing”. I was mad when I heard that. Not a lot of people are willing to rent out their land to a group that are labeled a huge gang and lighting the place on fire does not help their reputation. In several interviews, Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child, were pi$$ed at what happened. They weren’t even at the gathering that year and they were still furious that it happened. The juggalos who lit everything on fire even started chanting “We f***** up, We f***** up!” while the fire spread. It takes a lot of energy to be stupid like that. 

My other burning hate for the juggalos is caused by the fact that Insane Clown Posse sold out. When Insane Clown Posse first started making music, they had several interviews where they talked about never becoming “mainstream” but that’s exactly what they did. They let a bunch of imbeciles who sing the exact same type of music they swore to never be involved with into their record label. Ouija Macc is one of them. 

Ouija Macc is a music artist who looks like he’s three seconds away from drug overdosing. From his colored contacts that make him look blind, the face tattoos, the oversized ‘gangster jewelry’ and whatever the gold metal things that rappers put on their teeth, he looks stupid. 

 His music could make a dead man weep. He’s nothing but a tool who uses cars, money, and half-naked females to get his music praised. He is being a bad influence to people who already hate juggalos. 

It also aggravates me that the juggalos don’t even bat an eye when it comes to the trashy new music artists, but I am happy that the old school juggalos don’t want anything to do with him. 

 As always, being involved with a certain group of people has its ups and downs. My pride and shame of being a juggalette has co-mingled over the years until nothing but acceptance for what I can’t change is left. Well, maybe. I am still working on the acceptance part.