My Grades Will Not Survive This


Virtual learning has its ups and downs, but it mostly has its downs. I don’t know about anyone else, but I find it hard to concentrate and work on schoolwork when I am sitting on my bed. I have a hard time buckling down and doing my work because I am surrounded by technology. Anyone can get in the class call, mute their microphone, shut off the camera and be on their phone at any time. 

I never thought I would ever say it, but I miss being in the school building. I miss seeing my teachers. I miss being able to ask and get help without having to send emails. I also miss seeing and hanging out with all my friends at lunch and in the classes we have together. 

I hate having to sit in my house surrounded by distractions and excuses to ignore my schoolwork. 

It takes a strong will power to do my homework in class and not be on my phone or playing video games. I barely have the willpower to pay attention when the teachers are explaining stuff, and I know I’m not the only one. 

The few good things about virtual school is that I can sleep until 8 o’clock and pull myself together in 15 minutes. I like being able to sleep in until school starts. Another good thing is since people only see the top half of a person, TECHNICALLY students don’t have to wear pants. 

I am just waiting to be able to go back to physical school so I can pull my life together. I need to prepare myself in case we have to stay virtual for another week. I don’t know how long I can stay at home in my comfy bed and keep my grades up.