How to Pick a Different Class

With the second semester rolling around, many students are planning to drop classes and take different ones, usually because they don’t understand that many elective classes are not ‘blow off’ classes. Many elective classes require just as much work as classes that are required to graduate high school. Here are a few tips to decide what elective classes to take. 

1. Look into the classes you are wanting to take

Ask yourself, why do you want to take that class? Will it be helpful in daily life? Are you going to apply yourself and do the work like you’re supposed to? If not, don’t pick those classes. 

2. Talk to the other kids who take that class 

Ask the kids who are in the classes that you are thinking about taking why they joined that class. Ask them what they do daily in those classes. Ask them about the homework they do. 

3. Don’t choose a class just to blow off time

Many students go into a class to learn how to do something. Other students join a class because they enjoy the topic the classes cover. Never join a class to blow off time, because it throws off everyones vibes who took that class to learn something. 

4. Pick a class you think you will enjoy

This one is self-explanatory. Don’t join choir if you don’t want to sing aloud in front of people. Don’t join Ag if you don’t want to do agricultural things. Don’t pick a class you don’t like. 

5. Think about your options

This is a small school, so there aren’t a lot of options. Students do have a few days to change classes after the semester changes. You could ask the teacher to let you hang out in the class that you want to take to see how everything works in that class before you switch.