Loki Fights to Save Time


Loki has always been an interesting character in the Marvel cinematic universe, which is why I found the show, Loki, to be unique. It introduces something significant for the Marvel cinematic universe going forward. 

I knew nothing about where this series was going and had no expectations for it. The producers had a great idea for the character of Loki and how to progress the series forward. I really liked a lot of the characters they introduced. They introduced an extremely great villain too. 

Owen Wilson is in the show, and he does an excellent job. He plays a really cool character named Mobius, and I thought there was a lot of chemistry between Loki and him.

I liked the narrative. I also liked a lot of the visuals, but not all of them because sometimes it felt like it was unfinished at certain points, which is where my complaints roll in. 

There were times when I was watching this where I was like, ”That just doesn’t look good,” which is surprising to me because of how huge the budget is for Marvel production. It felt off.

Almost all of the action was bad. There were very few times in the show where there was anything more than a couple of punches that would get caught and turned to the side. It was really disappointing. 

I also thought it was stupid that the bag guys use electric batons. I thought that with the crazy technology this organization has, they would have the idea to use projectiles because it’s more efficient, but they’re just using electric batons. 

Overall I enjoyed Loki a lot, but there are some weaknesses for sure. It was a very fun ride and a very interesting one. I’m excited to see where this actually takes the Marvel cinematic universe.