Netfilx Series Z-Nation is to Die For


Out of all television shows my favorite would have to be Z-Nation because of its great story telling and mix of comedy. In this series, survivors Waren, 10K, Doc, Addy, and Mack work to bring a man named Murphy from New York to California. The character Murphy played by Keith Allan is the only know survivor of a zombie bite.

My favorite part of this television show is how it mixes the gore from a zombie series and mixes it with comedy resembling another movie I like Shaun of the Dead. Throughout the series they meet new people and some of the main character die along the way, but it overshadows this with its great comedy. 

Another thing I like in this series is how they change the zombie type of slow mindless zombies. The zombies in this show are fast and have some sort of thought. Murphy also has the power to control the zombies due to the experimental vaccine he was given before he was bitten. Through the series there is also a variety of different zombies and not just the boring normal zombies. 

This show is five seasons long and is a Netflix original series. Z-Nation was first streamed in 2014 but was later canceled in December of 2018. I think that everybody should watch this show in its entirety if they are okay with gore and mild language, and Netflix should bring it back.