The Last of Us


The Last of Us was first video game about the zombie apocalypse. Now it has been made into a TV show. The Last of Us first two episodes have aired on HBO. The acting already in just the first two episodes has been amazing.  The producers have done a great job bringing the characters to life. My family and I have liked the show so far. Because nobody in my life likes to listen to me talk about my interests, I have decided to write about how much I like it. 

The show explains a lot more backstory about how the apocalypse started, and the show is being done in a way where fans of the game will also enjoy the show. There is a lot of time when remakes of games are not as good as the original, but in this case, the show brings the game to life. It is not only enjoyable and entertaining for fans of the game but also anybody. The creators of the show have also done a good job making a lot of the sets look similar to the game.

 The first episode was amazing and the actress, Nico Parker did a wonderful job bringing Sarah’s character to life and making her loveable in the short time she had to portray her. 

There was a lot of controversy in choosing Nico Parker for Sarah, but the studio chose the perfect actress for her. 

The show contrasts Sarah and Ellie in how they act about certain things Joel does in the episode. Ellie is more like Joel than Sarah was in some ways. The actors show more emotion in the show than they do in the game. 

There was also some controversy on choosing Bella Ramsey for Ellie, but she does an amazing job at portraying Ellie. I have loved watching her act in the show. 

I am very excited for the next episode to come out Sunday. I am also excited for one of the future characters I know will be in the show and can’t wait to see what else the show decides to do. The storyline always has me immersed.  I like it a lot and I highly recommend watching it.