Chainsaw Man Brings Hype to the Stand


There was a lot of hype for Chainsaw Man before I started watching it, so I went in with high expectations and I wasn’t disappointed. The plot could be better, but the show is excellent nonetheless. 

This anime consists of devils and devil hunters. The main character, Denji, was an ordinary human until he fused with the Chainsaw devil. Now that he has fused with the Chainsaw devil, he has a pulley cord on his chest that he pulls when he needs to attack devils.

The story isn’t unique, but the characters are, and they can be pretty goofy. The main thing that always catches everyone’s eye is the action which, in this show, is beautifully made by MAPPA. Every fight in Chainsaw Man portrays MAPPA’s talent with animation very well. It can be extremely violent and gory. For characters unlike Denji, they use contracts with devils in order to gain powers which usually require a sacrifice. It’s a different way for characters to fight instead of using weapons which is unique. 

Chainsaw Man is a great show, but the season is very short with it being only twelve episodes long.