Attack on Titan is Coming to a Close

Attack on Titan has come to an end now. It has been an extraordinary journey seeing Attack on Titan unravel, and the final parts are finally here. 

The first part of the final season dropped and MAPPA has yet again outdone themselves with this. Throughout the time they’ve been working on Attack on Titan, it has been amazing. The visuals have been outstanding and the action has been beautifully animated. MAPPA does a great job of using CGI when necessary, and it doesn’t stand out. I have no complaints about the way the finale is going. There was never a boring moment while watching. I love when it leaves off and the cliffhanger makes me very excited for the second part to come out. 

I never thought we’d be where we are now in the anime. I thought it would be a normal Shonen anime with amazing action, but I was very wrong. Attack on Titan is very bold. It gets gruesome, multitudes of characters get killed off, and lots of things happen that other anime shows would avoid, and yet it still has silliness and cliches. It’s a well-written story and has gone in directions that I never would have expected. 

As the anime progressed, so have the characters and action. Many new titans were introduced, and the plot twists were crazy. It really goes to show how much passion was poured into the making of Attack on Titan

Eren Yeager is the main character in Attack on Titan and he went from a very caring, lovable, and protective good guy, to the ultimate antagonist. He is a maniac and ends up committing mass genocide over most of the world with The Rumbling. He’s in control of a large group of colossal titans that no one has the power to stop. The things he’s doing are terrible, but he has his own reasons for doing it. It’s not a good reason, but it’s a reason. It was a really bold move to make the main character become a bad guy. 

The manga and anime have major and minor differences. Some of the timeline has altered once we received the anime adaptation, and due to the pacing in both the anime and manga, parts of the story were moved around. There were some extra scenes that were added in the anime that weren’t in the manga. 

A lot of extreme violence from the manga was toned down in the anime, and I think it was for the best. They’re both still extremely violent and gory, and there are times when the anime shows brutal parts that didn’t happen in the manga. 

The animation is on a level of its own. It brings the manga to life, and the amazing soundtracks make it even better. Every second of the anime is lively and adds more to the experience when watching Attack on Titan. The manga panels are drawn beautifully as well. 

The ending for the manga, and for the anime was very divisive in the community. There were mixed thoughts and opinions about the way the finale would go, and there will surely be some upset viewers depending on which ending there will be. 

It’s better to read the manga for accurate details and information, but it’s better to watch the anime for amazing action and thrilling excitement. 

Which titan is the best?


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