Tokyo Revengers is an Unexpected Winner

Tokyo Revengers is a 10/10 anime release. I wasn’t even going to watch it because it seemed boring. I heard it pitched as middle schoolers doing bad crime, doing bad stuff, and forming a gang. I was like well it’s just middle schoolers. What do they do? Steal bubblegum from gas stations? Download an aimbot for Fortnite? It did not sound cool or interesting, but eventually one of my friends convinced me I should check it out and I did, and I am glad that I did because it is an absolute banger.


The main focal point of the story is the main character, Takemitchy, has the ability to go from present day 2017 back 12 years into the past when he was a middle schooler in order to change some unfavorable things that are happening in his life and the world around him. Now a lot of it does take place during the middle school age, but I never really got that impression because all the characters I saw are like full grown adults. 


They drive motorcycles, they kill people, they stab people, like it never really feels like they are actually middle schoolers. It feels like they are really short adults. I don’t even know why they bothered even making it where everyone is middle school age. They could have just said here’s some 30 year olds, and here they are 12 years ago when they were 18 because that’s really what it feels like. Middle school is never an important part of the story. 


I don’t even remember if any parents are ever mentioned, I only saw them at school like twice and the show is about delinquents forming a gang and gangs going at war with each other. They use like knives and guns. It’s not like middle schoolers using sling shots to shoot rocks at each other, which is exactly what I expected when I heard about the show, but no, in Tokyo Revengers it gets very violent.


The writing in this show is  good, and it’s mainly focused on the characters and not on the actual action, but when there is action it’s usually a huge important event that changes the entire scope of the story. 


It also does an excellent job of not overfeeding the viewer with a ton of information where it convolutes its plot. When there are things like time travel in a show, things that can get messy very quickly, and I think Tokyo Revengers does it beautifully where when time travel happens the viewer does not have to worry about too much going on and getting lost in the plot.