Stranger Things Season Four is Bigger and Better


I have to say, season four of Stranger Things has to be the best season. It has a bit of everything. 

There are a lot of characters, which can be overwhelming for some people, but the way they’re broken off into their own little adventures that still go in hand with the plot is wonderfully done. It almost feels like a video game with how it bounces from story to story. It really works out well. 

The town of Hawkins in Stranger Things season four is getting wild, to say the least. There is a new villain introduced, Vecna, and this thing goes around killing people in the worst ways. It’s violent and gory, but it makes it scary and frightening which is a great horror element. I really love how much tension is being built up during all of it. 

There’s a lot of action on Hopper’s side with him being in Russia trying to escape a prison. It’s very intriguing to watch him plan his escape. 

The only side of the story that I didn’t enjoy as much was Will, Mike, Jonathan, and Argyle’s adventures. It seemed as if they didn’t know what was going on at all with what was happening in Hawkins or Russia. There’s action, but that’s just a small piece of what happened. The rest of it is mainly them not being in the whole loop of what’s happening. The characters are good and on an interesting adventure, but it can get boring. 

The visuals are on another level this season and everything looks great. We’re seeing more of the Upside Down and other monsters. 

There are some times when the writing has bad moments, but I really liked how everything turned out. The runtime in some of the episodes could’ve been trimmed down a bit. There were certain parts that went on a bit too long and it just seemed unnecessary. 

Stranger Things season four was overall a really good watch.