Sifu Gives Players a Challenge

Sifu is a really difficult game that’s based on martial arts. The gameplay was a great experience, but it didn’t last long. 

Sifu is very fast-paced with only five levels. It could take a few hours to beat Sifu, or a day, depending on how well a person can play. There’s a very good chance for someone to rage quit because of how difficult it is to defeat certain enemies. It’s  fun but challenging. 

Sifu is very aesthetically pleasing with its styles and art. It enhances the feel of the martial arts and gives a unique gameplay experience. 

There’s an interesting system in Sifu. Players start the game at age 20, but if they die, instead of restarting, they can revive themselves but it adds a year to their age. The more players age, the more they gradually increase damage, but they also decrease in health. It’s a neat system to have in a game. 

There are a lot of different skills to unlock to get better fighting moves, each with its own complex button combinations. There are weapons that can be used, and they’re very useful when fighting enemies, but it’s best to use them wisely because of their durability. 

One complaint I have is the camera movement. The camera can move unexpectedly when in the middle of a fight, and it throws everything off quickly. It’s frustrating, but it can be dealt with.

The unique system, aesthetics, combat, and gameplay make Sifu a great game.