Another Disney Love Movie


Disney Plus added a new movie on March 30, 2023, called The Prom Pact. I have no idea why it is called The Prom Pact, but it is set around prom time. Anyways, the movie is about this girl named Mandy who is so obsessed with Harvard and is doing everything she can to get into Harvard. She has a best friend named Ben who helps her the best he can when she needs it. They basically act like a couple and they go out for dinner and go to a bookstore every Friday night. 

Mandy finally gets back her email from Harvard and finds out she has been waitlisted. She is super upset about it so her school counselor gives her the idea to find someone to give her a recommendation letter to get in. She realizes that getting a recommendation letter from Senator Lansing will be difficult because she doesn’t have any connections with him. Mandy and Ben come up with the idea to get close to the most popular kid in school, Graham Lansing, the Senator’s son, so she can get her recommendation letter. She starts to tutor him and they begin to get closer the more they spend time together. Mandy falls in love with Graham but things start to come in between their relationship and also with Ben and LaToya’s relationship. Mandy realizes that not everything is about Harvard and she fixes things for the better in order to regain her relationships with the people she loves. 

I liked the movie, but it just seems like every Disney teen movie, so I didn’t like it at the same time. My favorite character was definitely Ben because of how loyal he was to Mandy even if she wasn’t to him.