Webtoon – Read Free Comics On The Go

Webtoon is a free platform that originated in South Korea. The website is home to several online comics in fourteen different genres. There are several stories with genres ranging from romance to horror. 

Some Webtoons get the opportunity to be adapted into movies and shows. The Webtoons are usually made into hit K-dramas including the dramas All of us are dead, True Beauty, and Business Proposal.

There is Webtoon money called coins that allows readers to unlock episodes ahead of time, instead of waiting for a new episode to be uploaded. Readers do not always have to pay money for coins though. Webtoon has coin events to receive coins for free.

If readers have an interest in drawing and entertaining others, there is a self-publishing section known as the Webtoon Canvas. This allows artists to share their work with others. The artist can get paid on the amount of page views they get.

Over the past few years, Webtoon has gained its popularity, all over the world not just Korea. It has to ability to allow readers to read online comics on the go and for free.