Searching Gives a Digital Twist


The 2018 film Searching is an internet-based mystery about a father trying to find his missing daughter. From David Kim (John Cho), the father, to Margot Kim (Michelle La), his daughter, to Margot’s classmates and the detective working on her case, the characters are all fun to learn about.

The beginning of the movie is very sentimental. It does start to get interesting toward the middle. As I got closer to the end, there were a lot of plot twists and the ending was very unexpected. Though, there were parts that were questionable, to say the least, but they started to make sense by the end. 

I really enjoyed Searching, especially since it was essentially a film of a laptop screen and phone calls. I even felt like I was helping solve the case in some parts. I’ve seen a lot of movies filmed in this way, but this is the best one I’ve watched so far. I’d recommend this film to anyone who likes mystery and more technology-based films.