Baby Driver Revs up the Heat

I had no clue Baby Driver existed until my older brother made me watch it. I had low expectations, but I was immediately hooked as soon as we started watching it. 

The story revolves around a young and talented driver who goes by the name Baby. He gets involved with a group of people who are always robbing banks. 

It’s a perfectly paced movie, making the action all the better. You’re learning about the characters and backstory, and it’s not boring to watch. 

The action is on another level. There are car chases and shootouts and it’s always synced to the music playing on Baby’s iPod. The music makes the action seem much more intense, and the choice of music is outstanding. It fits in with every scene. 

The acting in Baby Driver was top-tier. Every actor and actress played their part very well. 

I have one small complaint, and it’s about the ending. The ending could’ve been done better, but overall, I really enjoyed watching it. The story, action, and characters make Baby Driver an amazing movie.