Tigers Win By One Point Against Hydro


For the seventh game of the season, the Tigers played against the Hydro-Eakly Bobcats. At the start of the game, the Bobcats started with the ball. On defense, the Tigers were able to steal the ball and make a three-pointer. On offense, the Tigers ran their plays, looking for an opening.
In the second quarter, the Tigers started with the ball. The Tigers kept running their offensive plays. The Tigers were able to shoot jump-shots, however, the Tigers were unable to make their shots. On defense, the Tigers kept the Bobcats out of the paint but were unable to stop them from shooting three-pointers. The score at half-time was the Canton Tigers 25 and the Hydro-Eakly Bobcats 21.
After half-time, the Tigers started with the ball, however, the Bobcats would steal the ball, and make a layup. The Bobcats would then score another layup, tying the game in the first minutes of the second half. On defense, the Tigers held off the Bobcats, however, after a few passes, the Bobcats would make a three-pointer.
In the final quarter, the Bobcats started with the ball. On defense, the Tigers would get into foul trouble, losing Cody Conrady in the first minutes of the quarter. On offense, the Tigers would repeatedly drive through the Bobcats’ defense. In the final minutes, both the Tigers and Bobcats would dive for the ball, giving the Tigers the advantage on jump calls. In the final seconds of the game, the Tigers lost Josh Edwards due to fouls. However, the Bobcats would also foul, bringing Jared Cox to the free-throw line who would make one out of two free-throws, with Claysen Scott getting the rebound and making the winning shot of the game.
The final score of the game was the Canton Tigers 58 and the Hydro-Eakly Bobcats 57. The Tiger’s next game is Thursday, December 19, at Thomas.