The Mandalorian Soars to New Heights


Back at it again, The Mandalorian has risen again in popularity. Season 2 of The Mandalorian dropped in October and is not only giving us the story we love, but it’s also introducing new lore in the Star Wars universe.

With the return of old characters long thought to be dead, the story is helping explain some of the stories we didn’t see from the original Star Wars movies. It’s also making some of its own confirmed lore that’s connecting it to the canon Star Wars universe. From the appearance of other Mandalorians, and the potential fight over Mandalore and the Darksaber, the story is able to go in any direction.

The action, like the first season, is as awesome as ever, even though not much has changed from any perspective. However, even though the series has barely changed action wise, this season has still been wild.

The new story is going to be what really attracts people to this season and with the last two episodes about to release, many people will be able to binge watch it in a couple of days.

One downside to the second season is that not all the episodes have been released yet, so if viewers do start binge watching, they may be surprised to see there’s no next episode yet.

Even though it isn’t complete, The Mandalorian has once again gotten me hooked. This season gets a high recommendation from me to fans of the last season. If any fans from the first season are reading this and still haven’t started the second season, stop reading and go watch it now, it will not disappoint.