Look Both Ways is Honestly Confusing



The movie Look Both Ways is basically about this girl named Natalie, and she is graduating college and ends up doing something with a friend that could possibly change her life forever. The point of the movie is to show what would happen if she either got pregnant and had to stay in Texas to raise the baby with the father, or she doesn’t get pregnant and she follows her dream and moves to Los Angeles. The movie presents the different point of views of how something could go if the situation was different. 

This movie really confused me for some reason. I liked it, to be honest, but I am a person who cannot fully focus on something, so I easily forget things. This movie does not help with this problem. I had to have my full attention on it because it was constantly switching to the different situations, and so I would get confused and not know a thing that was going on. I would watch it and then look down on my phone for about one minute and miss so much of the movie. 

Overall I liked the movie, especially the ending, because even in both situations, one in which she had to raise a baby and put away her dream for years, she still accomplished her career in animation. In the other situation she moves to Los Angeles and doesn’t have a baby. She ends up finding who she was and pursuing her dream in animation. So it worked out either way, she just had to find herself and deal with situations along the way. This movie kind of taught me a life lesson, which was basically no one knows what path they will be set on. There will always be something to change someone’s plans or paths and we just have to accept it and evolve. I recommend this movie, I like it, it just confused me.