The Sanderson Sisters Are Back

On September 30th, Disney Plus released Hocus Pocus 2. I love Hocus Pocus so obviously I had to watch the second one. There is a huge time difference between the first and second one, so I wasn’t completely sure the second was going to be good. I watched it and it was kind of good, however, there were some things that seemed to me to have no point. 

The plot in the second movie is kind of the same as the first one. They come back after someone innocent, if you know what I mean, lights a black candle, and they want the power to be beautiful forever. This time instead of the usual spell they used, the Sanderson Sisters decide to use the most dangerous but also most powerful spell in the spell book. So half the movie they are chasing after the mayor because it is their worst enemy’s descendent, and they need the blood of their worst enemy for the spell. As usual, there are kids trying to stop them so they kept getting in the way of the Sanderson sisters completing the spell. Towards the end of the movie, they complete the spell, but Winnie doesn’t realize that there is a price to pay for the spell, and what she had to pay happens to be her sisters. Winnie is heartbroken and begs for her sister’s back. The book gives one of the kids a spell to reunite Winnie with her sisters. They reunite and one of the kids keeps the book because halfway through the movie she finds out she is a witch also, so she keeps it because she knows it will be useful. Then the movie ends with the kids walking down the road like one of those main character things which is kind of cringy. 

I liked the movie, but there is just stuff that doesn’t really need to be put in it. I was actually about to cry towards the end when Winnie lost her sisters, but most of the movie was funny, so it’s a good movie. If you like Hocus Pocus I recommend watching the second one, it is just something you can enjoy for the holiday.