Smile Has the Love for Jumpscares

I am a horror movie geek and once I had seen that the movie Smile came out I obviously had to watch it. 

In the movie, Rose sees a patient who looks like she is just crazy. She talks to Rose about this thing that just terrorizes her and the only way she can describe it is by its smile. Then an accident happens where she commits suicide right infront of Rose. After the incident, she starts to experience what the patient told her. Something starts terrorizing her and taking form as people she knows or people who have passed. She starts to drive herself insane trying to explain to people about what is happening but no one is believing her, so Rose decides to try to save herself on her own. She does research on what she has been experiencing and found multiple traces of people who have witnessed a suicide and then committed less than a week later. She seeks help from her ex-boyfriend Joel. Since he is a police officer he looked through evidence of all the accidents with the previous people and they quickly find out that it has just been a never ending chain of the same events. Once someone sees the person who is possessed by the demonic energy commit, the spirit attaches itself to them until they commit when another person sees, so it’s just never ending. Rose tries stop the thing from happening again after again by trying to confront her traumatic past before the thing that is after her kills her. 

I liked the movie. It was kind of stupid, but it is good because it had a lot of jumpscares that made it good. I would be sitting there watching it and a jumpscare happens and I wasn’t even expecting it. Some of it was predictable. One thing I really liked was the ending because it’s not like a horror movie where there is a survivor in this movie. It gave an unhappy ending, and it gave me the thought that everything was going to be gone and she would end the terrorizing experience, but she didn’t. She never stopped it, and I like movies like this because it gives a reality that if there were demonic energies then we would most likely not survive. Anyways, I recommend this movie if you like to watch horror movies and if you like a lot of jumpscares.