Avatar: The Way of Water Strikes as Another Masterpiece



James Cameron has done it again. Avatar: The Way of Water is crazy, and it blew me away. The visuals are unreal. Somehow he has, once again, created a masterpiece. Every scene in this film is beautiful. Cameron has delivered an overall better experience with this movie than the first one.  

The plot is simple, just like in the first film. Everything is clearly setting up for the future in upcoming Avatar movies, and it does so in a meaningful way. 

I do have a complaint about one character who is introduced in this movie, and his name is Spider. He’s a human who has been raised by the Na’vi, and I don’t think he’s a good character. I’m not complaining about the actor who plays him, but how his motivations as a character aren’t clear. For some reason, Spider goes back and forth between helping the good guys and bad guys. It gets confusing as to what his motives are. Aside from him being slightly weak, all of the other characters who are introduced do a good job. 

Avatar: The Way of Water is a three-hour movie, but it felt like an hour. It felt fast-paced and it didn’t feel drawn out. It seemed like everything was happening quickly towards the end, and The last hour of this film is absolutely breathtaking. It was non-stop action. Even the two hours before it are still just as good. 

Another thing that caught my attention is Jake Sully, and how he had a shift in this film compared to the first one. Overall I feel like some of the decisions he made were stupid. It’s hard to say what they are without spoiling, but I will say he’s a lot more cowardly. That could just be because he now has a family to protect, but he’s controlled by fear a lot of the time. Sometimes he just doesn’t make sense. It wasn’t too bad, and by the end of the film, he’s in a good spot as a character. 

In Avatar: The Way of Water, Neytiri doesn’t have a huge role compared to the first film. With how many new characters were introduced, it wasn’t expected of her to have a big part. She was sidelined a lot, at least until the end of the film. At the end, she is outstanding. I can’t say what happened because it would be a major spoiler, but she goes off and it’s awesome. 

Overall I enjoyed Avatar: The Way of Water a lot. The soundtrack was good too.