Doctor Strange Steps into the Multiverse

I feel like with every Marvel movie I start it the same way by saying I’m getting a little tired of Marvel movies, but this time it’s a little different because I really like Doctor Strange. The first one was really fun, and he’s just a really enjoyable character. I had some pretty high expectations for this Marvel film and I’m happy to say I wasn’t disappointed. 

I thought the movie was really good, especially in the visual aspects. There were some really creative visuals in this movie that I really appreciated. It felt so different from most modern Marvel movies; it wasn’t afraid to be violent. In most other Marvel movies, they shy away from showing any kind of brutality or anything like that but not here. The main villain will straight up just obliterate people, and it’s extremely detailed. It goes kind of hard. It gets pretty insane which I appreciated because it felt very different. 

Visually I just thought it was so creative because it’s very trippy, as you would expect from Doctor Strange. It explores the multiverse so it’s showing a lot of cool things. They go through a dimension of pure paint, where they’re existing as paint, before falling into another dimension where they’re cartoon characters. 

It’s really interesting and there are also elements of horror when the main villain is hunting them down. There are jump scares, but they’re not the best jump scares, and the horror isn’t super well executed, but it is different. It was just cool to see how creative they were. I just thought it was going to keep getting crazier and crazier. I really admired how free they were to explore some wacky concepts for their visuals, and I thought it really played nicely into the film. 

I did like the movie a lot. I thought the story and characters were good. They introduced a new character in this film who I imagine is going to be very important in this entire phase two of the MCU, and it’s a character who can hop through the multiverse. I think they do this super well. The character seems good enough, but I don’t think she had enough time to shine and really show her full capabilities. This is the first movie she’s in though, so I imagine that’ll be explored deeper when going further. 

The overall narrative here was pretty good. It builds off of what’s already been established with some characters we’re already familiar with. I do have to say though, the way they defeat the main villain is really underwhelming to me. Either way, I did think it was a good narrative and the way they’re executing the multiverse here is really enjoyable. 

I’ve been enjoying what they’ve done in the multiverse, and the new Doctor Strange movie does a great job with it. I enjoyed it a lot. I don’t really have any major complaints about the film. Nothing really ruins the movie. It’s not bad by any means.