Top 5 Haunted Places You Shouldn’t Visit in Oklahoma

There are many places in the world that just gives people the creeps. Some might give people the creeps but also are haunted. Going there could cause a person to bring something unwanted home. Most people don’t like going to haunted places, so if you are one of those people here are five haunted places you shouldn’t visit in Oklahoma. 

      1. Parallel Forest 

The Parallel Forest is located in the Wichita Mountains and it was created during the Dust Bowl in 1930. The trees are precisely six feet apart in every direction so it looks a little creepy, but that isn’t what makes it creepy. In the center of the forest, there is a temple of rocks that was rumored to be used for satanic rituals. Every visitor who has been by the temple has gotten an extremely weird or bad vibe from it. There have been sightings of ghosts without heads and creepy noises but the worst part is that some people have said to have felt touched by something.

      2. Dead Woman’s Crossing 

Dead Woman’s Crossing is a bridge located in Weatherford, Oklahoma. There is an urban legend where a woman and her baby got on a train to visit her cousin and never returned. The baby and the mother were presumed dead after they found the buggy in a field next to a creek with blood on one of its wheels. The mystery of what happened was never solved but they found a skull and a skeleton body that belonged to the woman but the baby was never found. Legend says that her restless spirit roams the road and banks of the creek looking for her baby. People have said to hear the wheels creaking from the buggy when they stood under the bridge, and have said to see a blue light come towards them. 

      3. Camp Scott

Camp Scott is located in Locust Grove, Oklahoma. Three girls were brutally murdered there in 1977. The killing is known as the Girl Scout Murders of 1977. Two grown men were seen wandering around the camp but it was passed off as a ‘’camp prank’’ so nothing happened. The night the girls were murdered it was storming and they were isolated in their camps. The next morning the other campers found their bodies, and the camp was shut down for good, and for months was being investigated. During the investigation, the investigators saw a black dog that would follow them around and then mysteriously disappear. It has been claimed that the killer was a shapeshifter. People have also claimed to see ghosts of the girls and they can hear their screams. It has been said that people would see strange lights appear in the woods near the camp. 

      4. Fort Washita Historic Site and Museum

The site is located in Durant, Oklahoma. During the civil war, a woman named Aunt Jane lived there and was robbed and brutally murdered by having her head cut off when she refused to give them anything. Legends say the people who die without their heads roam around looking for them. Her spirit seemed calm until the late 90s or early 2000s when she possessed a girl named Molly and threatened to cut off all of her hair. She then stopped as soon as the girl’s mother started praying. 

      5. Timber Ridge Cemetery

The Timber Ridge Cemetery is located in Catoosa, Oklahoma. It is also known as the “Haunted Hollow”. A legend says that a Native American boy was hit by a car while riding his bike and was killed. In 1989 he was buried there. People have claimed to see this boy with his bike. Others say they have driven past the cemetery and felt like they hit something, and when they stopped to check they only saw a bloody handprint on the front of their car. Others have gotten nosebleeds or seen orbs by the grass when they are near the cemetery.