Godzilla vs. Kong is Amazing


Kong and Godzilla duke it out in the first trailer.

Godzilla vs. Kong slaps! This movie is a significant step up from the last, and everything that I did not like about the last Godzilla movie is fixed in this one and done extraordinarily well. Every complaint I had about the last one I did not have in this one.

The only real lingering complaint that I, and probably everyone, had about this movie is the human plotline. When at least half of the movie, or sometimes over half of the movie like the first Godzilla movie, follows the human plotline more, the viewer has to talk about it. The human plotline is not very good.

There is a new character, Jia, introduced in this movie and she is able to communicate with Kong, which adds a lot to the film. I enjoyed the human plotline with Jia and her mother going on a journey with Kong, so Kong becomes a central part of the story, which was fantastic. The viewer gets to go on this adventure with Kong. This adds emotional attachment where Jia is a friend with Kong and they actually communicate with each other.

It was a great change and it was wonderful, but then there is another human plotline which follows the main character, Millie Bobby Brown, and a few other characters as they go through a conspiracy and journey. They eventually end up uncovering some secrets, and when the plot is following them, the movie is kind of dull. It’s not bad because the characters are still decent and they crack some decent jokes. It’s not really what you are there for and it’s pretty lacking.

With humans covered, I can cover what actually matters in the movie, which is the Titans, Kong vs. Godzilla. I think it delivers the best action of any kaiju film I have seen. The entire second half of this movie is pretty much full-throttle monster-fighting action for like 45 straight minutes. It is amazing, absolutely amazing. It does not cut any corners, it does not give any disorienting angles or make it pitch black except for some flashing colors, the viewer gets to see everything.

King Kong is like a well-trained martial artist in some of these fights. He does a Superman flying-clobbering blow off of a skyscraper into Godzilla’s face. The fights in this movie are fantastic and there are a lot of them. Jubilation is the best way to describe it, this is exactly what I wanted from a giant monster movie and I got it.

The movie is paced so it doesn’t spend too much time with the humans that no one cares about, and the viewer is constantly going from humans to the fun stuff in the movie, which is great. The movie seems to know that people are watching it for the monsters instead of some pretentious human plotline about the power of humanity to rise up above any challenge or whatever message they try to deliver. They don’t do that, they give you the bare-bones motivation for characters, minimal development, and then the movie lets the audience get right into the amazing stuff.

The only real human character anyone is going to care about is the girl who is able to communicate with Kong because that bridges the gap between the humans and the Titans and humans. It is well done, but other than that audiences just want to get away from the humans and more into the Titan stuff. It’s not just Kong and Godzilla, there are other appearances of monsters, so viewers get to see other fights with blood and guts flying all over the place. There is just so much to like about this movie.
If people are going into it expecting some big and profound message about humanity’s ability to adapt to some new predator or challenge then they are watching this movie for the wrong reasons. Viewers should go in thinking ‘I’m going to watch two huge giant monsters fight” and they will be extremely satisfied.

It is really impressive, and visually this movie is just beautiful. There is no jankiness to it, all the fights are superfluid. The fights never stop either, it’s not like Godzilla throws a punch and then Kong slaps Godzilla, then they separate and they stay like that for a few minutes. It’s just constant fighting. There is never any downtime with the fights.

They did not take any shortcuts with this movie, it’s just high-octane fighting between two monsters and that is all that I could ask for. I was going into the movie with low expectations since I did not like the last one, but I am beyond pleased.