Chemical Hearts Leaves Confusion


In Chemical Hearts, a boy named Henry Page goes through the feeling of love and heartbreak during his senior year after meeting a girl named Grace Town. He then learns she is still grieving her ex-boyfriend’s death after he died a year earlier in a car accident. 

I liked the movie, but it was really confusing. The character Grace was frustrating and kept playing with Henry’s feelings, leading to heartbreak. If she needed time to heal or wasn’t ready to date again, then she should have stopped leading Henry on. No one wants to be lead on by someone. 

Later in the movie, I found out that Grace was living in her ex-boyfriend’s house. Which was really weird and kind of obsessive. I get the grieving thing, but living in your dead boyfriend’s house? I would call that crazy. 

Even if it was confusing, it still showed the way someone can be affected by another person who is still healing from their past relationship, and the confusion it causes in the teenage mind. 

Overall the movie was good, but it was just a lot to process. I could watch it over and over again if I could.