Stereotypes of the Taurus Zodiac Sign


“Taurus Zodiac Chart From Astrology” by Numerology Sign is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I am a Taurus and there are two main stereotypes about the Taurus zodiac sign. One of them is true and one is not really true. I don’t like how people believe the stereotypes of people just because of their zodiac sign. 


One of the true stereotypes of the Taurus zodiac is that they are stubborn. Coming from a Taurus such as myself I believe this is actually true. Taureans are mainly stubborn because they do not give up on what they are doing or believe if they really are determined. I am absolutely one hundred percent stubborn most of the time. 


The Taurus zodiac is made out to be lazy. The lazy part is not completely true, Taurus can seem lazy due to the fact that they will take their time doing something. They do not like to feel like they are pressured to do something extremely fast. They often need to know the point or value of something because they care about how they use their energy. I mean I love to sleep and not do anything, but I’m not exactly lazy.