Encanto Brings A Lot of Emotion


The movie is about the Madrigal family who gets a magical power by opening a magical door when they become 5 years old. Mirabel is the only one in her family to not get a power because when she tried to open the door it just vanished. The movie continues telling the story of her finding out more about what had happened. 

When Mirabel is 15 she starts seeing cracks destroying her and her family’s home along with their magic, but her family did not believe her. She then starts to look for what is happening in secret. She finds her uncle, Bruno, who ran away a long time ago that had the power to see the future. He had seen Mirabel in his vision, so he tries to help her fix what is happening to their family’s magic.

 In the end, their magic gets destroyed along with their house, but her grandma believed that Mirabel was the reason it was destroyed. They then fixed their issues and went to rebuild their house with the help of the village. They rebuild their house, but when Mirabel opens the door to the house it goes back to how it with the magic.

I really enjoyed watching the movie and found it interesting but it was also very emotional and it made me cry.