Should the Sale of Human Remains be Allowed?


One time when I just decided to search and see if I could buy human remains and there are multiple websites that sell them. It made me think that people should not be allowed to sell them because it is weird. Other people may think that it should be okay but I completely disagree with that. Why would someone want something from a dead person? It’s gross. 

I don’t think that it is all that bad if people are going to use them for educational purposes. It makes more sense for them to use them to learn from than people just wanting them just because they want them. 

I think the people who just want to buy human remains are weird if they are not planning to use them for research because the bones or organs they get are still from a person even if they are no longer alive. Buying human remains is just so weird, because what is someone going to do with human remains other than using them for research purposes?