Students Should Be Allowed to Try and Quit School Activities



Students should participate in school activities. School activities have many benefits for students such as teaching teamwork and communication skills. They also teach students how to be responsible. All of these things can help students in their future lives. 

I participate in basketball, track, and newspaper. All of these things have been extremely beneficial to me and my future. They have taught me skills I will need as an adult and have also helped me build friendships that  I would otherwise would not have.

While playing basketball, I have gotten close and learned a lot about the upperclassmen. I have even learned what kinds of foods they like and what shows they watch. All of these things I would have no clue about if I didn’t play  basketball. 

Other than friendships, basketball has taught me to communicate without yelling. Being on the court, I have to stay calm and talk with the other players about what we need to do. All of these things I learned mostly because of being in school activities.

Students need to try some activities before they decide it is not their thing. 

If someone has tried an activity and decides it is not what they want to do, they should not be shamed for quitting. Sometimes it is for the best that a student quits. Nobody wants someone on their team who doesn’t want to be there. It just brings the whole team down. 

High school is a time when students should be encouraged to try new activities and be allowed to quit if they determine the activity is not for them.