For Crying Out Loud Just Do It Right


Sometimes school confuses me, in more ways than one, and sometimes the people who attend school annoy me, but I’ll try to give them the benefit of the doubt. I’m also not saying that everyone in this school annoys me, it’s just a select few, and the school as a whole doesn’t confuse me, it’s just certain topics. 

Beginning with things that other students do that annoy me, breaking the rules is one. Now I know I am a little bit of a hypocrite when I say this because I have broken a few rules before. I’m talking about the rules that should be common sense that people don’t break. 

An example would be people getting into petty fights on the school grounds and then getting mad when they get suspended. Others include purposefully vandalizing school property, stealing from other students and teachers, and breaking dress code even though the code has gotten more lenient. 

I also don’t understand why people can’t just listen to the teachers and let them do their jobs. They don’t get paid enough for students to act like the rules don’t apply to them and act like thugs. If a teacher tells a student what to do then the student’s immediate reaction should be to listen, not argue back, or walk out of the classroom. 

I also don’t like it when parents try to do the coaches’ jobs at games. I know that sometimes things can get pretty intense, but the best thing to do is dial it down so the players can hear what the coaches are telling them. 

It also annoys me that the school is letting the people who don’t try in school to move up to higher grades and even graduate. They are just trying to get them out of school and I don’t think they should. They need to let them get held back until they actually try and do better in school or until they age out. They can’t always expect to be handed a bone when they don’t work and try.