Prom Queen and King, Outdated or Not?


For years students have voted for prom queen and king, but now, many people are questioning, is it outdated? Some claim it’s tradition, others say it’s not necessary. 

“I do like it because I feel like it gives students who can’t be homecoming king or queen a chance to get something, but I do think the names might be a little outdated and would change it to prom royalty.” Mrs. Haub, FCCLA teacher. 

Now some people are questioning if the terms “prom king” and “queen” are offensive to those who fall outside of the gender binary.  

“I feel like they should just change the name of it instead of just being prom king and queen. It should just be the prom royals or something, or just get rid of it entirely and give superlatives for things like best dress, best tux, best hair, etc.,” Alexa Delgado, sophomore, said. 

Some people also believe that kids are now using this voting method as a way to bully students. 

“I think it should be done away with entirely and not because of anybody’s means of identifying, but I have watched so many times kids were just mean with who they picked for prom queen and king,” Mr. Barney, media advisor, said. 

People also say that prom king and queen is a tradition. 

“I think we should do it, because that’s the whole point of prom,” Lea Vowell, junior, said. 

An idea to replace prom royalty would be to have the teachers vote for “Tigers of the Year”. They would vote for 2 students each from the senior and junior class who were active in extracurricular activities and clubs and show good citizenship.