Judged on Looks and Opinions

Ethan Foster, Reporter

Is a book judged by its cover?

That is a question that’s hard to answer because everyone has at one time or another been guilty of it.  

Does everyone ever wonder how people perceive them? Do they judge based off of looks alone? Their clothing? Material objects? Neighborhoods? Jobs? Who your friends are? Or are some judgments based off others opinion? Hard to know….a complicated question that may raise more views and questions after writing this article. Many speculate the reason people judge others is based solely on envy or jealousy. It can be based off of hate, past history or a lot of nothing. We certainly know that some people just judge without reason. They do it just because they can.

Everyone has different opinions, likes, and dislikes, but if people never open up to see other views, thoughts and ideas, it’s hard to say that other people or ideas are getting a fair chance.  Doing, hearing or saying something unusual makes us judge based off our first reaction to something that we don’t understand, therefore we are quick to dismiss them.

Pre-judging anyone without understanding the legitimate reasons why a person may dress, talk, look, or do certain things is truly unfair. We should always tell ourselves to try our best to comprehend and view any situation, behavior, look or belief with an open mind. The ultimate judgement can result in someone’s belief or behavior of being stigmatized or ridiculed and leave them  ultimately feeling unaccepted.  

It’s hard to open up to the nature of other people because our egos will gladly accommodate us not accepting new ways of thinking. Reality is, there will always be underlying factors responsible for our own views. Just take a look in history-how did people view or perceive Albert Einstein? Crazy or weird? What about Galileo? Ridiculed for belief? Marilyn Monroe was ridiculed for actions, looks, and behavior? A more current person is our own President. Right or wrong, he’s ridiculed on daily.

Injustices will always happen, past, present or future, but as long as we allow our own attitude to constrain our own ability to see that there’s always more to any given person and situation than we care to recognize, then this horrible chain reaction of closed mindedness will never end.

So think before you are quick to speak, judge and agree with anything, because at times, the surface goes way beyond the outer shell, and you may just like the substance that exudes from within if just given a chance.