Web Restricted

Are our school’s web restrictions to harsh? I think that they are because sometimes when I need to get something from the internet for a class, it is blocked because it contains ads. Yesterday, when I was sitting in class, I was trying to find the World History textbook online. When I would click on the links, many of them were blocked. I sincerely doubt there are ads for drug dealers on the history book website.

Yes, some websites do need to be blocked so that kids are paying attention in class, but there are some that are blocked just because it contains an ad. I think that if a website is a problem, the teacher should just write it down and have it blocked.

Games could be bad because some kids would be on them while the teacher is trying to teach the lesson. After the teacher is finished, if there is nothing to do for that class or nothing to do from any other classes, kids could get onto a game. That could help the noise problem that happens too often.

So yes I believe that our school’s web restrictions are too controlled.