Working and Learning


Nearly 80 percent of students have jobs while in high school. Is it a good thing for them going into the world after they graduate? I think it is. Knowing what it is like to balance so many responsibilities will help them while they are in college. Having jobs also helps to make students less reliant on their parents.

If a student has a job they should not have to borrow as much money from their parents. They should be able to afford to pay for their own fuel and meals. If a student has to earn their own money they may be more conservative with what they spend their money on. Also, a student that had a job in high school can put that on other resumes and it could also help to get into college.

Having jobs is not only a good thing though it can cause problems with a kids grades. A teen with a job is more likely to stay up late doing homework. Teens need an average of 9 hours of sleep while an adult only needs 8 hours.

“I think students with jobs show a great deal of responsibility because they are trying to balance work home fun and school, but I feel like some of the students are too worried about getting to work instead of being at school,” Mrs. Haub, FACS teacher, said.